V BTS Suspected Of Asking Jennie BLACKPINK Out In America Due To This Evidence


 Fans highlight the hat that V was wearing when she attended the exhibition. Jennie wears the same hat as she poses with Rose with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

V BTS was recently seen attending one of the Liechtenstein Hall Exhibition at the COEX Convention Center, Seoul. Not only, the boy born in 1995 was accompanied by his best friend, Park Bo Gum.

People who attended the exhibition shared their experiences when they met V in person. Even non-fans will immediately fall in love with the charm and kindness of the singer of the song "Permission to Dance".

In particular, fans apparently singled out the hat V wore when attending the showcase. The hat was allegedly worn by the idol who was rumored to be dating him, namely Jennie while in America.

In the leaked private photo of the BLACKPINK members, Jennie wears the same hat as she poses with Rose against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty. The "SOLO" singer wore a backwards hat that looked exactly like V's.

On the front of the hat worn by V, the Liberty National Golf Club logo is written. Fans also suspected that V had actually asked Jennie out on a date when they were both in America some time ago.

Even the gray part of her hat is the same," one fan wrote. "Looks like V-Jennie really did have a golf date in New York. They were both wearing Liberty National Golf Club hats," added another.

Why do you deny it?" connect another. "Isn't Jennie wearing a V hat? There's room next to her head too," another concluded.

Meanwhile, in recent times the public has been shocked by the appearance of several intimate photos allegedly belonging to Jennie and V. However, so far, both the agency HYBE and YG Entertainment have not taken firm measures against the invasion of the network. privacy faced by the artist. .

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