YoonA Finally Dies, Ending 'Big Mouth' Reaps Debate Despite Reaching High Ratings


 According To Nielsen Korea, The Penultimate Episode Of Drama 'Big Mouth' Scored An Average Nationwide Rating Of 12.3 Percent, Marking A Personal Record For The Series.

MBC drama "Big Mouth" finally ended with an ending that reaped various reactions from fans. In the last episode that aired on September 17, Go Mi Ho ( YoonA ) finally died after being exposed to radiation from the development of NF9.

While Park Chang Ho ( Lee Jong Suk ) was discussing candidates for the position of Mayor, Go Mi Ho pointed out a fish farm, raising questions about his relationship with NK Chemical. Even though someone insisted that the water used in the fish farm was only groundwater, 

Shortly after the broadcast, many viewers gathered online and shared their thoughts on the grand final. Most of the reactions were negative, despite the series' high viewership ratings. Some of his reactions were: "This is worse than the final 'Memories of thie Alhambra'".

Maybe it needs like 20 parts of the series instead of 16. I was silent after watching it all. I should have stopped watching in the mid-series," commented netter. IMO the last part of a drama series is where the real writing skills of the writers emerge. They are usually rushed at the end so they have to shoot the series as is without any director and producer interference. Long story short, don't watch anything this writer wrote from the start. now," said another. " I'm sure the actors are also flabbergasted. I feel very betrayed," concluded another.

Meanwhile, according to Nielsen Korea, the penultimate episode of "Big Mouth" scored an average nationwide rating of 12.3 percent, marking a personal record for the series. Meanwhile, the drama "The Golden Spoon" starring Sungjae will take over the Friday and Saturday night slot "Big Mouth" starting September 23.

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